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Meet the Principal

Principal Derek Leininger


I have worked my entire career with FWCS I thoroughly enjoy being the principal here at Glenwood Park. I completed my student teaching with FWCS, I was a classroom teacher for 8 years, an assistant principal for 7 years and this is my 2nd year as a principal. I received my bachelor’s degree from IU (2007), master’s degree from Ball State University (2013) and doctoral degree from Indiana State University (2019). I taught reading, social studies, and business education. As an administrator, I have worked at all three levels (elementary, middle, and high school).

I love building meaningful and productive relationships. I really enjoy when I can help others, both students and adults. As a principal, I get to support teachers to help them do their job most effectively and I get to support student learning to see them grow and thrive. I also have the opportunity to work alongside our families to be a supportive member of their team. As the old saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I enjoy being part of that village for our people here at Glenwood Park.

The PEOPLE are what makes Glenwood Park unique and amazing. We have such an amazing staff that are dedicated fully to our students. We have great family support and parents who want their children to succeed. We also have great kids. I really enjoy getting to interact with our students each day.

Most importantly, we want our students to learn and grow each day with us. We want students to acquire a lifelong love of learning so that they will continue to grow after they leave our school. Specifically, we want to improve our students in their literacy skills. Being a strong reader is essential to becoming a lifelong learner, so we dedicate a lot of time and energy to helping our kids improve in their reading skills.

In my free time, play ice hockey in an adult recreational league. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch. I can recite all 50 states in alphabetic order (thanks to my 5th grade teacher). I have a wife and we have two daughters. I will turn 40-years-old in 2024 and my New Year’s Resolution is to run a mile under 6:00 minutes (it has been several years since the last time I did that).

I love the Glenwood Park community and this neighborhood!